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Devcon 2019 liferay

Featuring over 40 in-depth sessions and technical workshops, the Liferay Developer Conference is a great opportunity to build your Liferay. Eventbrite - Liferay Events - Europe presents Liferay DEVCON - Tuesday, November 19, | Wednesday, November 20, at Halle Find event.

Bryan was start of my prediction 2019 committee when I started working for Liferay inand that's where we start the conversation.

Well - I was interested, so Devcon 2019 liferay asked him for some time devcon 2019 liferay we talked about it: Damascus. It's rather an application that utilizes some of the infrastructure but not what's typically used to compose frontend applications on a portal. Or, in the rage of the day, you could say: "Headless".

Resumen de eventos 2019/Q4

Happy 10th Birthray to Zsolt and me and several others listen to the episode if you want to know what that means This is a quite non-technical episode, just two people remembering the "good old times": Devcon 2019 liferay expect to learn anything new about the product s - instead you'll hear about how we got from "there" to "here" in the past 10 years.

But here we are: David shares four of his favorite horror stories - those that tought him what he never wants to see again.

Hopefully it's useful so that you learn devcon devcon 2019 liferay liferay it before experiencing those stories yourself. Check it devcon 2019 liferay - prepare to be amazed.

Radio Liferay

And yes, that name means that she's Brian Chan's wife. During my last visit in Liferay HQ, I took the opportunity devcon 2019 liferay asked her about her view on Liferay's history - about 15 years for devcon 2019 liferay company and 20 years for the software project.

I spoke to Preston Crary, who amazingly was not mad at me for losing an earlier recording. I devcon 2019 liferay to Kristoffer Onias and Victor Ware.

Both work on testing Liferay with different areas of interest. You'll hear quite a bit about devcon 2019 liferay Liferay does internally on testing. I actually talked devcon 2019 liferay them quite a while ago, and the episode has been sitting on my disk since then.

Liferay DEVCON 2019

The numbers that you hear may no longer be click, but the overall information definitely is.

Sorry for keeping it a secret for so long there's an even longer devcon 2019 liferay secret Anyway, apart from it being still from "before the release of the devcon 2019 liferay version", it's still relevant stuff, I feel bad about missing to post it.

Check for yourself - here it finally is. This episode has unfortunately suffered from various disturbances in the devcon 2019 liferay I had it sitting on my disk for quite a while.

See more, not to render the call for action in this episode devcon 2019 liferay, let's start another one soon - devcon 2019 liferay can't be enough Javadoc, and I admit that we have still plenty of opportunities to write new documentation left for you.

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Please subscribe to the comments on Cody's winner's announcements to see the update - I'll also mention it on a Radio Liferay episode once it's been restarted.

But I'll also put a devcon 2019 liferay in for you if you already write the javadoc now. I've had the click at this page opportunity to ask source a lot of questions that provide deep insight devcon 2019 liferay what's running behind the scenes in the engineering team.

Liferay DEVCON 2016: Keynote - Brian Chan, Liferay

We didn't have enough time, so this is part 1 of our conversation, to be continued in episode Devcon 2019 liferay need to squeeze in the already recorded episode that contains more information about the Javadoc Contest please participate. James was the first guest on Radio Liferay back in episode 1 - as well as others and now - devcon 2019 liferay devcon 2019 liferay temporarily until episode 66 is published - will be the last.

Liferay Developer Conference

We're talking about upcoming changes, and sadly it looks like this will devcon 2019 liferay his last appearance on this program. We're now talking about the new strategies for developing plugins, devcon 2019 liferay to update 6. In fact, devcon 2019 liferay answered so many questions that we made it a 2-episode recording.

This week it's about the motivation for modularization: What problem does it solve? Next week will be more technical, telling you about the implications of the updated architecture to your code.

Roadmap / Liferay DXP 7.3 (Keynote)

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