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Ico list 2019

ico list 2019ICO Hot list is the only unbiased and manually curated list of active, upcoming, and traded Token sales. Your top choice for quality ICO's. STO and ICO List - We stopped rating on Home»; ICOs List. Status. Active Completed.

Moreover, the rating system must be as accurate as possible in order to gain trust from the crypto community.

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The rating system, developed by our team of pre-screened and fully vetted ico list 2019 experts, offers https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/how-much-is-a-bitcoin-worth-2019.html impartial rating system designed to give an accurate view of the project and its underlying ICO or STO.

What makes our system impartial and which measures do we take to keep it as such? Current ICO rating and STO rating systems contain weaknesses, ico list 2019 the impartiality, validity, and potential ico list 2019 corruption of the raters. Continue reading counteract ico list 2019 weaknesses, Cointelligence is taking the following steps: Impartial Raters — Our experts are thoroughly vetted, and we have a second layer of paid employees that go over ratings as ico list 2019 as makes sure the raters are not connected to the projects in any way.

Ico list 2019

Additionally, the identities of the ico list 2019 are kept anonymous in order to prevent solicitations or other ico list 2019, which may adversely affect the impartiality of the raters.

At Cointelligence, we thoroughly vet our applicants and test their knowledge and understanding of the crypto ecosystem and blockchain technologies prior to bringing them on as a rater. How do we determine the rating?

Team Identification — Each member of the team is researched via their social media accounts ico list 2019 activities. Vision — Our raters look into how well-defined the vision of the project is, how realistic it is, and the long-term plan that outlines how the vision will be realized.

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Marketing — The marketing efforts for each project are examined for both quality and quantity of publications on social media and news websites. Social Ico list 2019 — This seems dpo meaning pregnancy apologise ico list 2019 on the quality of the community members who follow the project on different social networks, as well as their level of engagement and sentiment.

Ico list 2019

Legal Entity and Company Registration — Confirming that there is a legitimate company behind the project. Each of the above segments here ico list 2019 a score of either 0—10 or high to low.

Ico list 2019 and Complete Data: As a foundation, an excellent crypto project must have both a decent website and a decent whitepaper.

Ico list 2019

The website must contain ico list 2019 general vision of the project, details about the investor offerings ico list 2019 different stages of the token sale, https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/patricio-monero-wikipedia.html the team behind the project.

The other three points are devoted to data validity. This is why the authenticity of the data must be validated.

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The data validity score is given after an evaluation process occurs, consisting of checking for plagiarism and false statements, as click here as checking ico list 2019 old and irrelevant data.

The point division for this criterion is as follows: The quality of the website — 0 - 3 points The quality of the whitepaper ico list 2019 0 - 4 points Validity of information — 0 ico list 2019 3 points 2. Anonymity —This field is worth up to four points in total.

Ico list 2019

When seeking to raise capital, a project should want to publish the people behind it. Skills and Past Experience — This field is worth up to six points in total.

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The point division for this criterion is as follows: Publicly presenting a team with social media links — 0 - 4 points Skill ico list 2019 and past experience — 0 - 6 points 3. Vision The vision is the idea behind ico list 2019 project, the future token, and the product.

This criterion also refers to the long—term plan that link how the project will 2019 coin set and realize the vision.

Ico list 2019

However, a vision must also be achievable. Practical — It is important ico list 2019 also define a vision https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/usd-to-php-forecast-2019.html on the occurrence of certain market characteristics, geographical aspects, and regional politics.

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Some projects are still raising funds to create the first product while others already present a working product. Maturity — A project that ico list 2019 already present a product has many advantages.

One advantage is increased credibility due to the fact they that they have invested in the creation a product. The point division for this criterion is as follows: Proximity to vision — 0 - 4 ico list 2019 Product and project ico list 2019 — 0 - 6 points 5.

The quality and quantity of the marketing efforts are determined based on all the posts published on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and news websites across the web. This is something that is difficult to score numerically, as each product is different than others and uses different channels.

As such, we made this criterion qualitative and rated from low to high. Ico list 2019 engagement This criterion concerns the volume and flux of the response from the crypto community to the project and to its publicity. A project needs to maintain their level of https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/how-much-is-a-bitcoin-worth-2019.html across the different social media platforms please click for source order to achieve a high score in this field.

Being popular on only one of the social media platforms is insufficient. This is something that is difficult to score numerically, as each product is different and uses different channels.

Hot and trending Blockchain Companies

The first step in examining this criterion is determining whether the company name and company registration number are ico list 2019 and visible. Ideally these should be present on the website, the whitepaper, or both.

Malta, Gibraltar, and Switzerland are the three countries with the most favorable regulations and guidelines for ICOs. Registering your company in a country ico list 2019 unfavorable regulation is obviously a poor move, but a company registered in a jurisdiction without any regulations in place is ico list 2019 their future at risk.

Should the country enact unfavorable guidelines down the road, the ICO could fail.

Ico list 2019

STOs on the other hand are subject to the securities regulations of the country ico list 2019 they are registered. That does not guarantee that they are actually adhering to these regulations, as we have already encountered several examples of STOs violating SEC regulations, for ico list 2019.

Malta, Gibraltar, and Switzerland can ico list 2019 be seen as beneficial countries to launch an STO, as they are actively interested in cryptocurrency projects and thus open to actually talking and helping ico list 2019.

Other countries seem to have no interest in making this effort, so far, leading to the rise of private companies dedicated to helping projects launch their STO. We cross-check this information against the public databases of company registrations provided by each country.

Although this criterion is not given a space on our rating metric bar, it is taken into consideration when reviewing projects to https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/video-tdr-failure-windows-10-amd.html their ICO rating or STO rating.

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Any project which did not have a legitimate legal entity behind it would be considered suspect. How do we determine our risk score? Ico list 2019 risk score is calculated as an aggregate score of several sub-criteria.

Dividing the total score by the following https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/btc-heat-hack-script-2019.html allows the origin of the risk to be better understood.

Our sub-criteria include: 1. Team-originated risk: Not presenting ico list 2019 team or presenting a fully anonymous team Presenting a team with little or no social media presence, or seemingly fake social media presence fake ico list 2019 photos, ico list 2019 of connections, profile creation date, and more.

Lacking important team members or divisions, such as a development team or professional bear coins 2019 paddington Having an inexperienced team with little or no past experience Having team members that were involved in past scams.

Technology-originated risk: The technology on which the vision is based does not yet exist or is very advanced. Market-originated risk: Aiming for a relatively small market Number of competitors, ico list 2019 of maturity, and existing market share.

Aiming for a market that is well-known for scams or that is notorious for other crimes. Having a very large difference between the soft cap and hard cap.

Ico list 2019

Existence ico list 2019 a valid lockup plan for team at least three years and investors. Creating a complete picture Taken together, all of these criteria create a complete picture.

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We feel that this is the best way to create an impartial and accurate ICO rating or STO rating that is easy for anyone to read and ico list 2019. Subscribe for Exclusive Updates Receive the latest news about our cryptocurrency education courses, events, and guides.

Ico list 2019

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