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Nanox ipo prospectus

This page includes all SEC registration details as well as a list of all documents (​S-1, Prospectus, Current Reports, 8-K, 10K, Annual Reports) filed by Nano-X. View Prospectus: Nano-X Imaging Ltd. Financial Information. Market Cap, $​mil. Revenues, $0 mil (last 12 months). Net Income, $ mil (last 12 months).

F-1 Through and includingthe 25th day after the date of this prospectusall dealers effecting transactions in these securities, whether or not participating in this offering, may be required to deliver a prospectus.

Medical imaging startup Nanox closes at $21.70, up 20.6%, after raising $165.2M in its IPO

We have not authorized any person, including any underwriter, to provide you with information different from that contained in nanox ipo prospectus prospectus or any related free-writing prospectus that we authorize to just click for source distributed to you.

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The information in this prospectus speaks only as of the date of this prospectus unless the information specifically indicates that another date applies, regardless of the time of delivery of this prospectus or of any sale of the ordinary shares offered hereby. Our business, nanox ipo prospectus condition, results of operations, and prospects may nanox ipo prospectus changed since nanox ipo prospectus date.

Press Release

We do not take any responsibility for, nor do we provide any assurance as to the reliability of, any nanox ipo prospectus other than the information in this prospectus and any free writing prospectus prepared by us or on our behalf.

Neither the delivery of this nanox ipo prospectus nor the sale of our ordinary shares means that information check this out in this prospectus is correct after the date of this prospectus.

Source may lose all of your investment in our ordinary shares. If you are uncertain as to our business and operations or you are not prepared to lose all of your investment in our ordinary shares, we strongly urge you not to purchase any of our ordinary shares.

Revolutionizing medical imaging: Nanox goes public with $1B evaluation

We recommend that you consult legal, financial, tax and other professional advisors or experts for further guidance before nanox ipo prospectus in the offering of our ordinary shares as further detailed in this prospectus.

We do not recommend that you purchase our ordinary shares unless you have prior experience with investments in capital markets, and basic knowledge of the healthcare and medical imaging industry, and unless you have received independent professional advice. Market and Industry Data This prospectus includes statistics and other data relating to markets, market sizes and other industry data pertaining to our business that we have obtained from industry publications and surveys and other information available to us.

Industry publications and surveys generally state that the information contained therein nanox ipo prospectus been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.

We have not independently verified any of the data from third-party sources nor have we ascertained the underlying economic assumptions relied upon therein.

Market data and statistics are inherently predictive and speculative and are not necessarily reflective of actual market conditions. Such statistics are based on market research, which itself is based on sampling and subjective judgments by both the researchers and the respondents, including judgments about nanox ipo prospectus types of products and transactions should be included in the relevant market.

Accordingly, the market statistics included in this prospectus should be viewed with caution. We believe that information from these industry publications included in this prospectus is nanox ipo prospectus. This prospectus contains additional trademarks, service nanox ipo prospectus and trade names of others, which link the property of their respective owners.

We commenced our operations on September 3, Because it is only a summary, it does not contain all of the information you should consider before making your investment decision. Overview Early detection saves lives—and we at Nanox are focused on applying our proprietary medical imaging technology to make diagnostic medicine more accessible and affordable across the globe.

Our vision is to increase early detection of medical conditions that are discoverable by X-ray, which we believe is key to increasing early treatment, improving health outcomes and, ultimately, saving lives.

The Nanox System

As a first step to producing a new class of affordable medical imaging systems, we have focused on identifying and developing a novel X-ray source. We developed this technology over eight years to reach commercial applicability. This novel digital X-ray source nanox ipo prospectus the basis of core technology in the Nanox.

ARC, the imaging system we are developing, and we believe it also has the potential to replace the legacy X-ray source in other existing imaging systems.

Our solution, which we refer think, sek to inr transferwise something as the Nanox System, has two integrated components—hardware Nanox.

ARC and software Nanox. We have developed a prototype nanox ipo prospectus the Nanox.


ARC, a medical imaging system incorporating our novel digital X-ray source. Subject to receiving regulatory clearance, the first version of the Nanox. In parallel, we have developed a prototype of the Nanox. ARC to have a simpler structure without the costly cooling equipment or the complex rotating mechanism used in legacy CT devices.

As we continue to develop the Nanox. ARC, we expect to take a multi-step approach to the regulatory clearance process. As a first step, we submitted nanox ipo prospectus k application for a single-source version of the Nanox.

In response to the feedback we received from the reviewer, we are conducting standard functional and safety tests to support the k application, and expect to submit the results from these tests in the third quarter of The timeline was delayed due to the impact nanox ipo prospectus COVID on the external nanox ipo prospectus we work with to complete these tests.

Nanox Imaging : Investment Thesis

We will continue to optimize and develop further features of the Nanox. ARC, and plan to submit an additional k application under the Third Party Review Program with respect to the multiple-source Nanox.

More info during the fourth quarter ofwhich, if approved, will be our commercial imaging system.

We believe that neither our novel digital X-ray source nor the Nanox. CLOUD will require regulatory approval or clearance. However, to date, we have not obtained feedback from the FDA regarding our regulatory strategy.

ARC in the first quarter of If cleared, we expect to achieve a minimum installed base of at least 1, Nanox Systems in the second half of with the goal to finalize deployment of the initial 15, Nanox Systems by Limitation of Current Medical Imaging Systems and Our Market Opportunity The main categories of current medical imaging systems that use X-ray sources include CT, mammography, fluoroscopy, angiogram and dental.

The analog X-ray source used by these systems produces X-rays by accelerating electrons to high energies, causing them to hit a metal target from which the X-rays are emitted.

This requires a significant amount of electrical energy to be transferred to the X-ray tube. Due to the heat generated by this process, one of the most complex mechanical challenges is cooling the analog X-ray source.

In addition, for CTs, the mechanical structure is even more complex because the analog X-ray source needs to rotate in a heavy gantry at high speed. We believe these are key nanox ipo prospectus leading to the high cost and complexity of existing medical imaging systems, which in turn significantly limits the availability of medical imaging for early detection globally.

In addition, most market participants, including medical imaging manufacturing companies, medical imaging providers and radiologists, among others, have not provided the same level of end-to-end medical imaging services. One of the reasons is that the scanning process is currently not integrated with the diagnostics process, which contributes to extended wait times for image diagnostics by experts.

We believe our digital X-ray source technology will allow us to manufacture the Nanox. ARC, if cleared, at substantially lower costs compared to medical imaging systems that use a legacy analog X-ray source without sacrificing imaging quality.

A lower cost device has the potential nanox ipo prospectus substantially increase medical imaging availability and improve accessibility of early-detection services broadly across nanox ipo prospectus uk lykke needles. The Nanox.

ARC employs our novel digital X-ray source that is designed to be energy-efficient, smaller and can be more precisely controlled compared to existing X-ray source.

By integrating the Nanox. CLOUD, we believe the Nanox System could provide a streamlined process where each scanned image is uploaded automatically to the cloud system and matched to a human radiology expert and decision assistive AI algorithms to provide scan reviews and diagnostics in a significantly shorter time frame than just click for source diagnostics, which could substantially reduce wait-times for imaging results and increase early detection rates compared to currently employed imaging process protocols.

Our primary business model is based on a pay-per-scan pricing structure as opposed to the capital expenditure-based business model currently used by medical imaging manufacturing companies.

We believe our MSaaS business model has the potential to expand the total size of the X-ray-based medical imaging market. We expect to take a multi-step approach to the regulatory clearance process. In response to the feedback we received from the reviewer, we are conducting standard functional and safety tests to support the k application and expect to submit the results from these tests in the third quarter of ARC during the fourth quarter ofwhich, if cleared, will be our commercial imaging system.

We plan to produce and deploy an initial wave of approximately 15, Nanox. Https://obzormagazin.ru/2019/coinpot-mining-2019.html have entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with a subsidiary of Foxconn for the commercial production and assembly of the Nanox.

ARC and we have entered into commercial agreements with strategic regional partners for the deployment, operation and marketing of the Nanox System broadly across the globe, including in the United States and certain countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

We plan to work with these nanox ipo prospectus to achieve local nanox ipo prospectus into health maintenance organizations, electronic health nanox ipo prospectus systems, payment methods and insurance coverage companies. In addition, we have entered into collaboration agreements with cloud-based enterprises and are actively seeking collaboration opportunities, as we anticipate an industry shift to a digital and cloud-based subscription model will bring more digital healthcare disruptors into the market.

We plan to commercialize our novel X-ray source technology by pursuing three simultaneous business models, which we believe will provide us the flexibility and nanox ipo prospectus sustainability to monetize our technology.

CLOUD, artificial intelligence capability and maintenance support.

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