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Rci 300s g

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Rci 300s g

InIKA Industrias Kaiser Argentina was looking for a car that could break into rci 300s g Argentinian market, a car that could combine American reliability with European elegance. They had the idea of delivering two Rambler American a coupe hardtop and a sedan to Pininfarina for a complete redesign.

The new design largely maintained the general shape of the original Rambler but with a completely new interior and a rci 300s g grill and rear.

Rci 300s g

The Torino proved wildly popular throughout the s and the s, continued to be produced even after the bankruptcy of IKA, which was sold to Renault in Renault continued the production until the early 's. In the local automobile market began to slow down considerably and this also coincided with the relaxation of trade restrictions rci 300s g the introduction of foreign rci 300s g cars to the Argentine market.

Rci 300s g

The Torino was unable rci 300s g compete with the newer rci 300s g more reliable foreign models. Renault decided to click down the Torino production line on December All engines were rci 300s g in Argentina.

Bore X Stroke: Legacy[ edit ] By the late s the Torino rci 300s g the only non-Renault product manufactured by the French company.

Rci 300s g

It could also rci 300s g considered the last front-engine, rear wheel drive Renault, a rarity in itself.

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