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Petro venezuela 2020

petro venezuela 2020President Nicolas Maduro pledged to revive Venezuela's failed cryptocurrency for everything from oil sales January 14, , PM PST. The petro (₽), or petromoneda, launched in February , is a cryptocurrency issued by the Maduro stated that the petro would allow Venezuela to "advance in issues of Nathaniel Popper and Ana Vanessa Herrero (20 March ).

Petro venezuela 2020

Read more Caracas AFP President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday decreed that airlines flying from Caracas must pay for fuel in Venezuela's ailing "petro" cryptocurrency, which he ordered to be more widely used in the cash-strapped South American country.

Maduro used his annual speech to the petro venezuela 2020 Constituent Assembly to try to revive the controversial petro that has been banned by petro venezuela 2020 United States and labeled a "scam" by some risk rating bodies.

Petro venezuela 2020

Maduro also decreed the mandatory use of the petro to petro venezuela 2020 for state document services petro venezuela 2020 passports. Backed by Venezuela's vast oil reserves, the petro was introduced in as a way to circumvent wide-ranging US sanctions and overcome chronic liquidity shortages.

Maduro wants the virtual currency to become a widely used means of payment by Venezuelans, yet most people have no petro venezuela 2020 how to use it.

Petro venezuela 2020

Risk rating websites such as icoindex. Maduro last December approved bonuses in petros petro venezuela 2020 public employees petro venezuela 2020 pensioners.

Venezuela's petro is a tool for mass surveillance, says US economist

However, experts said the petros were quickly changed back to bolivars and then to other currencies. The government last week blocked the exchange of petros petro venezuela 2020 bolivars. Maduro did not specify whether the fuel payment measures introduced at Petro venezuela 2020 airport concerned Venezuelan companies alone or if they extended to international carriers.

Petro venezuela 2020

International here crypto games 2020 can to Venezuela have been severely restricted since the beginning of a crippling economic learn more here seven years ago.

But there petro venezuela 2020 no longer direct flights to the United States, due to sanctions imposed by Washington aimed at removing the socialist leader from power.

Petro venezuela 2020

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