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Second life purchase lindens

second life purchase lindensShop Inworld Find and visit stores within Second Life and try before you buy. When you see what you like, simply pay with two clicks, and take your purchase with you. Shop on the Web Search and Linden Lab. Contact · About · Jobs · Press. Join Second Life and become part of the Internet's largest user-created, 3D virtual community. Connect with friends. Meet new people with voice and text chat.

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For a list of accepted payment methods and currencies, see Billing. All LindeX transactions are subject to transaction fees.

Second life purchase lindens

Market buy and sell Market buys and sells second life purchase lindens the quickest and easiest ways to purchase or sell Linden dollars on the Second Life website. LindeX automatically second life purchase lindens your order with the best exchange rate.

Second life purchase lindens

The quoted exchange rate includes transaction fees. Click Place Order. Enter your Second Life password when prompted. Second life purchase lindens automatically matches up second life purchase lindens and sell offers as they come in. If you here buying, you will be charged immediately for the purchase.

Linden Dollar

The order may be cancelled by second life purchase lindens to LindeX Order History. If the order is canceled, the funds will be returned to your Second Life account's US Dollar balance. If you change your mind about how many Linden dollars you wish to buy or sell, or the rate you are willing to accept, you can cancel an offer in progress on the LindeX: Transaction History page.

Second life purchase lindens

Note: Second life purchase lindens LindeX exchange rates fluctuate, you may have to wait for some time before your Limit Buy Best Rate Buy or sell completes at your desired rate.

If you set your second life purchase lindens exchange rate too high, your transaction may be delayed indefinitely.

What Will I Find?

Important: There may be some scenarios where, for regulatory purposes, we will be required to collect identification information from you prior to completion of a Linden Dollar Sale.

How to get Linden dollars without buying them Earning Linden dollars You can earn Linden dollars by second life purchase lindens goods or offering services to other Second life purchase lindens.

Second life purchase lindens

Second life purchase lindens you're interested in becoming a merchant, read more info Selling in the Marketplace. Check out the Guide to Jobs in Second Life for a tour through some of the jobs our Residents have come up with.

The premium account stipend Https://obzormagazin.ru/2020/will-bitcoin-price-go-up-in-2020.html members get a weekly stipend of Linden dollars. Upgrade your account from basic to premium to begin collecting your stipend.

Linden Lab's Abuse of Customers

See Premium membership for more information. If they don't appear after a reasonable wait time, something may be wrong.

Second life purchase lindens

As a first step, you may want second life purchase lindens check the Second Life Blog to see we're already aware of the problem and working to fix it.

Chances are good that if it's something that affects a large number of Residents, we're second life purchase lindens on it.

If it looks like a problem that only affects you, then open a support case. I was not charged what I expected when I bought Linden dollars The rates quoted on the LindeX are approximate estimates, and not a guarantee of an exact transaction amount.

How To Buy Lindens in Second Life

The market is very active, so an order seen as available might be gone by the time you place a new order. I can't buy anything on the LindeX because of billing and trading limits See Billing and Trading Limits to check your limits and ensure that your difficulties are actually related to second life purchase lindens billing and trading limits.

Your level will be highlighted if you're logged in.

Second life purchase lindens

Fill out the remaining fields as instructed, then click Submit. We'll review your request and get back to you within five business days.


I can't tell how many Linden dollars Second life purchase lindens have; it just says "Loading" Don't panic! Sometimes, this is due to server issues, when we're experiencing heavy load and the data can't be retrieved quickly.

Remember, while you wait inworld, you can also check second life purchase lindens Linden Dollar balance on the Your Second life purchase lindens section of the website.

Second life purchase lindens

To prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening, please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service. Log out of Second Life, and then log back in, preferably in a different Region.

Giving the viewer a second chance to load your information often resolves the problem.

Second life purchase lindens

If you're really nice, give it back afterward! Try bulk uploading a single image, sound, or animation. Make sure only to try to upload one item!

Second life purchase lindens

Obviously we don't second life purchase lindens you to spend large sums of Linden dollars in order to find out how many you have; if your problem persists, you should file a help ticket via https://obzormagazin.ru/2020/okcoin-futures-chart.html Support Portal.

Is it possible to view transactions older second life purchase lindens 30 days? Second Life Residents with a Basic account may only view transactions up to 30 days old.

However, Premium members can view transactions up to 90 days old.

Second life purchase lindens

I have sold Linden dollars. How do I transfer my second life purchase lindens out of Second Life? To process a credit transfer, go to Process Credit.

Buy Linden Dollar

There are two modes to use the LindeX at secondlife. Basic mode second life purchase lindens simple LindeX market data, and Advanced shows all available LindeX market data, including available rates.

Login at secondlife. See also.

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