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Everex ico

everex icoICO Active from: April ; Team from: Russia; Prototype: Android & Web App; Role of Token: Utility; Registered Company: Everex One, Pte, Ltd (Singapore). Everex invests aggregated Capital to provide microcredit services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices. - Everex calculates personal.

Everex ico

The company focus its products to four main targets. The Un- and Underbanked, everex ico than 2 billion individuals without a bank account everex ico traditional banking is not able to service because of the high costs, Everex everex ico immediate access to microfinancing services and cheap, global everex ico services.

$15,000 On Everex (EVX) obzormagazin.ru

On the other hand we have migrant workers and their families, everex ico everex ico to pay everex ico fees to normal remittances companies. Everex provides the fastest, cheapest, and easiest way for migrant workers to send money home and sustain their families.

Everex ico

Another very interesting service everex ico provide is focused to tourists and expats who are moving in different countries and need article source cashout in everex ico currencies.

Thanks to Everex, instead of obtaining traveler checks, or paying everex ico conversion fees, visitors in foreign countries can buy and use any currency, everex ico in the world. everex ico

Everex ico

And link, Everex Aid Organizations, NGOs and Governments by streamlining relief and foreign aid programs, allowing the easy and publicly auditable distribution of funds to developing countries.

How everex ico works Blockchain-Powered Microfinance and Remittance Services top up funds Top Up funds, borrow or purchase any currency with the here of a button International Mobile Payments Pay vendors and service providers globally Cash Out in any Currency Withdraw go here at Everex ico, local currency exchanges, and retailers worldwide Transfer Send money anywhere instantaneously, or withdraw to your bank account at the cost of a local transaction Digital Escrow Send payments, secured with a one-time PIN code.

Everex ico will be able to everex ico the secured payment once sender everex ico the PIN Features - Everex invests aggregated Capital to provide everex ico services, accessible globally and instantaneously on Mobile devices.

Everex ico

This allows us to lend to billions here individuals who cannot access microcredit services through traditional channels.

For every Cryptocash dollar, one US dollar everex ico held in a publically viewable third-party escrow.

Everex ico

Total amount successfully transferredCryptoTHB eqv.

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