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Alicloud tutorial

alicloud tutorialThis guide explains how to use the Alicloud Ansible modules together. All Alicloud modules require footmark - install it on your control machine with pip install. The following diagram illustrates how we will use GitLab Flow in this tutorial: alicloud-ecs: Force delete flag found, skipping prevalidating image name.

Ali OSS 1.

Alicloud tutorial

Overview OSS article source alicloud tutorial service is a restful object storage service provided by alicloud, which alicloud tutorial store and access any type of data in any application, at any time, in any place.

Storage type OSS providesStandard frequently accessed alicloud tutorial 、Low frequency access infrequently accessed alicloud tutorial 、Archiving long term data Three storage types Storage space bucket Storage space is the container you use to store objects.

Alicloud tutorial

All objects must belong to a https://obzormagazin.ru/address/smtp-office365-com-ip-address.html space.

Storage space has various configuration properties, including regionaccess alicloud tutorial, storage type, etc. The corresponding type of data can be stored according to different types alicloud tutorial storage space.

Alicloud tutorial

Objects are defined byObject meta、User dataandFile name key form. The object is identified by a unique key within the storage space. Object meta information is alicloud tutorial group alicloud tutorial key value pairs, which represents some properties of the object, such as the last alicloud tutorial time, size and other information.

Alicloud tutorial

At the same alicloud tutorial, you can also store some custom information alicloud tutorial the meta information. When accessing different regions, different domain names are required.

Alicloud tutorial

The domain names needed to access the same region through intranet and alicloud tutorial are also different. Access key Access key AK refers to the accesskeyid and https://obzormagazin.ru/address/how-does-bitcoin-address-looks-like.html used alicloud tutorial access authentication.

Alicloud tutorial uses the symmetric encryption method of accesskeyid and accesskeysecret to verify the identity of the sender of a request.

Tutorial: Get Started with Alibaba Cloud - Part 1

Accesskeyid is used alicloud tutorial identify alicloud tutorial user; accesskeysecret is the key used by the user to encrypt the signature string and Https://obzormagazin.ru/address/crypto-exchange-wallet-address.html to alicloud tutorial the signature string, which must be kept confidential.

Common related services Image processing: you can perform various operations such as format conversion, scaling, clipping, rotation, alicloud tutorial watermark to the image resources stored on OSS.

Alicloud tutorial

Cloud Server: provide simple and efficient cloud computing services with alicloud tutorial processing capacity CDN content distribution network : the alicloud tutorial of caching OSS resources to edge nodes in various regions, alicloud tutorial the data cached by edge nodes to promote the same file, which is repeatedly downloaded by edge node customers.

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