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Honorary co authorship

honorary co authorshipCo-authors should be able and willing to defend the paper in public, and that means they must be confident about the integrity of the data. Honorary authorship, also known as guest authorship, occurs when a person is listed as an author who has not provided any significant assistance to the study.

Honorary co authorship

DOI: Materials and methods: Corresponding authors of Original Research honorary co authorship published in Honorary co authorship between and were invited by e-mail to complete a Web-based, self-administered survey.

Univariable analysis of sample proportions was performed using the chi-square test.

Ethical Concerns in the Rise of Co-Authorship and Its Role as a Proxy of Research Collaborations

Multivariable honorary co authorship regression models were used to assess the independent factors that were associated with honorary co authorship probability of honorary authorship. Results: Honorary co authorship were received from authors of articles One hundred twenty-one authors Factors most strongly associated with honorary authorship included a work environment where a senior department member was automatically listed odds ratio honorary co authorship, 1.

Honorary co authorship

Conclusion: A substantial proportion of articles had evidence of honorary here. Honorary co authorship rate of honorary authors was higher among authors who worked in an environment where senior members were routinely added to all manuscripts submitted for publication, honorary co authorship who perceived that a coauthor listed had only reviewed the manuscript, and authors who reported that someone suggested they should include an honorary author.

Honorary co authorship

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