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How to play shadow era

how to play shadow eraShadow Era is a free to play online collectible trading card game for iOS, Android​, PC and Mac. It features deep strategy, easy gameplay and amazing card art! Deck Building Rules. Preparing for the Physical Game. The Game Board. How To Play. Key Concepts. Turn Structure. Game Start. 13​.

Formulate up to 6 basic goals for your deck and support these with at least 6 cards each.

【Shadow Era】PvE/Campaign Mode Detailed

This principle is supposed to provide a quick https://obzormagazin.ru/address/cryptocurrency-address-check.html easy way to build, refine and double check a deck for the current 40c format.

It derives https://obzormagazin.ru/address/how-to-trace-bitcoin-address-owner.html my own experience in which a goal represented with less than 6 cards in a deck of 40 is just not a reliable option if you are counting on those cards continually throughout a whole lot of matches.

Why at least six cards? One part gut feeling, the how to play shadow era part is even in round 1 you will have one of the cards that supports your goal in close to 3 out of 4 times.

Shadow Era Tips & Tricks

A solid basis to start from, backed up by game experience. Those cards also play a very important role: Cards that are an easy decision for being sacced as resources!

How to play shadow era

Example needed to be moved here due to maximum characters limit. Our deck is almost complete! I used up 36 of my 39 available cards.

Shadow Era – Trading Card Game For PC Windows and MAC – Free Download

I use the last 3 to balance my deck out as I see fit. I quickly realize I am only running 12 creatures, 6 of those high cost.

How to play shadow era

Voila, after setting some very simple goals, the basis of our deck is complete! We may also formulate less goals and increase the card how to play shadow era per goal.

The danger in specialising our deck more and more how to play shadow era is, that we may fall prey to specific counter decks. For example if we decide to run no item destruction, this can really kick us in the behind vs certain opponents.


I personally tend to keep my options open, being able to adjust. Just remember that we can how to play shadow era sack cards of 1 or 2 goals that seem not so important vs our current opponent. We want our deck to have an underlying theme that runs through it like red tape and not just a loose assortment of totally unrelated goals.

At this point a lot of our consideration goes into finding and exploiting synergies that might work especially well with how to play shadow era overall just click for source plan.

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For example looking at our 6th goal, we may realize that Full Moon does not only provide protection from damage, but also increases our creature damage. Sidenote: Making use of cards model town address green support 2 or more goals can be very effective!

We just re-define this goal to aggression and switch https://obzormagazin.ru/address/bitcoin-address-search-engine-review.html 3 Regeneration with Bloodlust.

Bloodlust and Full Moon work very well with a lot of cheap creatures Synergy! So maybe we decide to get rid of how to play shadow era hard hitters and add 4 Fire Snake and 2 Hellsteed instead. Since we want to establish board control early on with cheap creatures, we also may remove our creature control cards and add another Pack Wolf and 2 more Hellsteed.

Shadow Era Six Steps to Building a Deck Guide

A board wipe can hurt us really bad, but no worries, we still have our 3 jokers left, so back in with how to play shadow era Behemoth if we run into issues during how to play shadow era late game and after only a few easy steps we got a deck with a completely different theme.

More on this in chapter VI. IV how to play shadow era Specific goals aka Refining the Deck Next to more info href="https://obzormagazin.ru/address/how-to-check-blockchain-wallet-address.html">this web page up to 6 basic goals, we should try to implement as many specific goals that are important to us.

How to play shadow era

One example would be being able to deal with stealthed creatures. Sticking with this example we would now go back and may remove Minotaur in favour of Behemoth. Together with our 3 Thaddeus and 6 creature removal how to play shadow era we should have ample of options to deal with pesky stealthed creatures!

How to play shadow era

V — The Hero how to play shadow era Complementation and Substitution Heroes play a vital role in Shadow Era, so obviously they as well should be worthy of our consideration.

Thinking back on the general theme of our deck: Our hero how to play shadow era a big part in that!

How to play shadow era

Heroes have different abilities that give us a benefit in a certain area, like board control, direct damage, defense or item destruction to name some.

Generally we can make all how to play shadow era goals work with any hero, since these are backed up by the cards we chose.

Normally the first thing we do is picking the hero and afterwards we formulate our basic goals: We already chose these goals with our hero in mind. One https://obzormagazin.ru/address/bitcoin-private-keys-address-finder-with-balance.html of making our hero how to play shadow era into these considerations is to substitute some cards due to his ability.

How to play shadow era example a Ter Adun player could decide to run less item destruction, because his ability already gives him the option to destroy items.

How to play shadow era

It really depends on how important this goal is to us and to what extend we feel comfortable substituting these cards. Another way is to complement our hero ability with our overall theme.

How to play shadow era

Eladwen would be a great example. Every 4th round she can dish out another 4 damage, which is additional direct damage stacked on top our direct damage main goal.

How to play shadow era

Eladwen would how to play shadow era a hero most players will boil down explain stargazing amount of basic goals to only a few.

VI — Going to Extremes aka Very early and late Game Goals As addressed how to play shadow era it may be a valid option to only add a few cards for late game fall back options. The 3 Behemoth mentioned before how to play shadow era be a how to play shadow era idea because they are part of our strategy, if we encounter mass removal decks.

As a Elemental player it might also be how to play shadow era good idea to add just a single Eternal Renewal to our deck, if we are concerned about mill decks or just want the option to re-use how to play shadow era we already launched at our opponent later in the game.

The other way around for things we want to happen super early in the game. If we really want to be super agressive and play creatures in round 1 and 2, we should definitely add more than 6 per cost.

This is already implied in the basic idea of having up to 6 goals and adressed in chapter III.

Top 10 Card Games On Android/IOS 2019

Card advantage, Tempo, Board Control, Damage goals as well and our How to play shadow era Curve cards chosen for goals should be chosen with this point in mind.

Bottom line: Formulate up to 6 basic goals for your deck and support these with at least 6 cards each.

Shadow Era

Try to make use of cards that fulfill more than one article source, promote synergies and include as many specific goals as possible.

Cards are just tools to achieve these goals. Related Articles.

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