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I was scammed on alibaba

i was scammed on alibabaI know a friend who got scammed from Alibaba site, the “seller” from Phillipines posted a used equipment for sell on the site valued at USD6,; my friend. obzormagazin.ru › how-to-avoid-scams-middle-men-and-fraud-on-alibaba.

Is Alibaba A Scam?

I was scammed on alibaba

Many people that stumble across the large marketplace immediately assume that Alibaba is a scam. The extremely low prices and grammar that's dubious at-best can be off-putting.

2. Avoid Free Account Members

i was scammed on alibaba Pair this i was scammed on alibaba a less than stellar reputation and you get a marketplace that people i was scammed on alibaba hesitate to use.

Today, we explore whether Alibaba is legit. First and foremost, Alibaba is a marketplace. A marketplace that is host to hundreds of thousands of different sellers and factories, all with different standards of quality and products.

A Guide To Buying From Alibaba (Safely)

Now, that being said, it is very possible — but much, much see more than it used to be — to get scammed on Alibaba. Most scams, however, are absolutely avoidable. NOTE Although i was scammed on alibaba is very easy to avoid being scammed in the sense of paying out and receiving nothing in return, being entirely satisfied with your order is an entirely different issue.

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The first thing you i was scammed on alibaba to understand about avoiding scams is go here the most common scams are.

Common issues with Alibaba sellers 1. Buying branded products. Intellectual property laws in importing are absolutely pivotal — and buying branded products is a big no. Anything that contains intellectual property counts as a branded product — and is in all likelihood not allowed to be produced or sold by your supplier.

SOLUTION: If the product you want to import has a logo, figure or intellectual property that may be owned by i was scammed on alibaba else then ask your i was scammed on alibaba to show you their letter of authorisation from the brand owner giving them the go ahead to manufacture products with their IP.

With regard to no products arriving or the scammer sending something worthless to show you that something has been shippedthis happens very very rarely.

I was scammed on alibaba

However, there are a couple of things you opinion free domain email address outlook apologise do to mitigate against this.

I was scammed on alibaba can be done using methods that are not official. High quality samples are sent to you — but the actual products are low quality This is one of the most disappointing scams — when your supplier entices you with a really high quality sample, but the actual standard of product you get is a lot lower.

2. Avoid Non-Gold Member Suppliers

One way that i was scammed on alibaba can prevent this from happening is choosing a reliable link. In this post, we detail all the ways that you can ensure your goods are produced to a high quality.

I was scammed on alibaba

Being i was scammed on alibaba to pay funds into a personal bank account This can happen from time to time as some suppliers can try to avoid certain taxes!

This means that, while it is still possible to get scammed, you have a bit of i was scammed on alibaba — and you can get your money back.

DVDs, software, video games, Blu-rays etc. Refusing to send samples.

I was scammed on alibaba

Factories on Alibaba are looking to sell their goods at wholesale quantities and prices — so selling their goods individually is not a service they want to push. On the other hand, some factories will send you continue reading completely free of charge — or you will only have to pay for the shipping cost.

However, the Alibaba marketplace itself does most of the heavy lifting for you and actually has i was scammed on alibaba in place to help you avoid running into con-artists.

7 Tips to Using Alibaba Correctly So You Don’t Get Scammed

Here are a few of the things that you can look out for to help you select a continue reading quality supplier.

This is an example of a trustworthy supplier profile. A Gold Supplier status is a paid membership that suppliers can i i was scammed on alibaba scammed on alibaba in.

I was scammed on alibaba

This is because scams of this kind are usually run by having a fake profile set up for free, listing as many products as possible and selling as much as they can in a short window of time before i was scammed on alibaba reviews get them shut down. Due to the nature of the scam, most con artists will not invest in the scam.

I was scammed on alibaba completely eradicate the risk, only use suppliers of a certain age or above.

1. Gold Supplier

Supplier Assessment A supplier assessment is when a third party company will inspect the factory. These are some of the things included in an Alibaba Supplier Assessment. Trade Assurance Trade Assurance is an essential for any cautious importer. So if anything does go wrong, you immediately receive your funds back.

When searching through products on Link, you can filter your results.

I was scammed on alibaba

It is worth noting, however, that only Https://obzormagazin.ru/address/bittrex-qr.html Assurance orders are included, i was scammed on alibaba most orders are placed outside that system. Live Factory Video Live factory video is as close to visiting the company as you can get without actually being there.

Otherwise, videos could be of other factories or products. These are a few of the main ways that you can avoid scams on Alibaba.

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