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Refund btc or xmr address

refund btc or xmr addressobzormagazin.ru › Coinbase Help Center › Trading and funding. Any cryptocurrency that is sent to the wallet address of another cryptocurrency will be lost (if you send BTC to a BCH wallet address, these funds will not be.

Klinky 3 months ago Bitcoin is around GB. Monero is around read article. These aren't trivial downloads, and then you'll need to leave the wallet running to stay in sync or you'll have lengthy waits while it catches up the refund btc or xmr address time you run.

Most people can open a credit card or bank account in 30 minutes or less.

What Do I Put into the Refund Address Field?

Waiting a week for a blockchain to download is a non-starter for most. Regardless of that, I recently synced Monero from scratch in 3 hours, over a We can extrapolate that Bitcoin would be done in something like 9.

Cake Wallet - #BTC to #XMR Exchange *Using* Cake Wallet! - Video Guide

So I don't know where you got a week from. If you still don't like that, you can always use a remote node, in which case you can begin using a new account https://obzormagazin.ru/address/i-need-a-new-bitcoin-address.html immediately, even better than your 30 minutes at a bank.

Refund btc or xmr address

IMHO that is a perfectly fine tradeoff refund btc or xmr address a new user who doesn't want to commit to syncing the blockchain. Nevertheless, when I deal with new, non-technical users in the Monero community, I find that they almost always prefer to run their own fully synced node, even though they understand the tradeoff i.

Bitcoin Address Stealer 100% SUCCESS OR REFUND

I even had a guy that has no computer, phone only, looking for help on setting up a full node on his phone. Anecdotal perhaps, but it certainly makes me skeptical of the claim that blockchain size is a big hurdle for many people at all.

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Klinky 3 months ago Using any third-party removes the benefit of not using a third-party. Also I'd test your speed report, but ultimately I don't want waste GB or 85GB of click monthly download refund btc or xmr address on that experiment.

In the past download was slow and CPU usage was high while syncing.

Refund btc or xmr address

I don't see people running to devote a large portion of their internal storage or download cap for crypto, unless they are crypto enthusiasts. No, it doesn't.

Refund btc or xmr address

Why would you make such an absurd statement? Using a remote refund btc or xmr address is nothing like using a centralized payment processor.

Refund btc or xmr address

For one thing, they can't gain access to your funds. For another, there are thousands that you can use interchangeably. Klinky 3 months ago It's as simple as it sounds.

How to obtain monero

Relying on refund btc or xmr address third-party means you're relying on a third-party. If you're relying on a completely hosted webwallet, then you really don't know that they don't have access to your funds.

If you use something like Electrum then there is less risk, but you're still relying on a third-party to relay refund btc or xmr address information to you about the blockchain, which could possibly open yourself up for attacks albeit complex and likely limited refund btc or xmr address scope.

Refund btc or xmr address

That's very simple, and unlimited in scope. Sure, running a local node is even better, but using a remote one doesn't "remove the benefit.

Refund btc or xmr address

Klinky 3 months ago There are conveniences associated with the banking system, such as someone compromising your account, there is a large chance you'll get your money back. Refund btc or xmr address you're friends of the crypto devs to force a fork, then you're likely screwed with crypto if your wallet is compromised.

Refund btc or xmr address

I didn't say it removed all benefit, but https://obzormagazin.ru/address/how-to-generate-a-bitcoin-address.html the benefit of "not relying on a third party", because you are.

It https://obzormagazin.ru/address/email-hosting-aws.html like you're saying "you can most likely trust those third parties", which is not the point of being independent.

What I'm saying that the level of trust required in a remote node is so minimal as to be almost negligible.

Refund btc or xmr address

Realistically, the worst they could do is deny you service, refund btc or xmr address which point you can just switch to any other of the thousands of nodes out there.

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